The Leading Digital Signage Companies In Singapore

Blog | Last Updated: Feb 29, 2024

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape of Singapore, QueueBee Solution stands out by providing innovative digital signage solutions that cater to a diverse business clientele. Our state-of-the-art digital signage technology not only beautifies the Singapore skyline with vibrant LED displays but also enhances in-store customer interactions through interactive kiosks.

For businesses ranging from local startups eager to increase foot traffic to multinational corporations seeking efficient internal communication tools, QueueBee offers unmatched digital solutions. Explore how our digital signage can revolutionize your marketing strategies, elevate the customer experience, and propel your business into a new era of digital engagement.

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Top Digital Signage Companies In Singapore

Top Digital Signage Companies in Singapore

QueueBee Solutions

Centralised Control

QueueBee excels in simplifying digital display management with a centralized system that ensures seamless synchronization and updates across multiple locations. This uniformity in messaging boosts brand consistency and effectiveness.

Efficient Scheduling & Management:

Our intuitive scheduling tools are designed for the dynamic pace of business, allowing for the meticulous timing and relevance of displayed content, enhancing both impact and engagement.

Customisable Content

We empower businesses to adapt their digital signage to the unique demands of their target audience. QueueBee's versatile platform enables the creation of captivating promotions and information, fostering deeper customer connections.

HMC Group

HMC Group, a reseller of IntuiLabs in Singapore, offers IntuiFace software that revolutionizes the creation and management of interactive displays. This no-code platform allows effortless customization, from triggers and animations to integration with peripherals and cloud services, enriching user interactions without the complexity of coding.

Key Features

Interaction Design

Extensive customization capabilities enable users to create immersive experiences that captivate and engage.


Effortless connection with external devices and data sources enhances real-time interaction and functionality.


While user-friendly, newcomers may require time to fully leverage the breadth of IntuiFace's capabilities for maximum effect.


Ascenstar offers an extensive range of digital signage solutions, from LED videowalls to interactive touchscreens, designed to meet diverse application needs with high-quality visuals.


Direct Purchase

Customers can directly buy displays and accessories, including complimentary items, through Ascenstar's website, ensuring they find the perfect solution for their needs.

Customisation and Quality

Tailored options cater to various environmental and situational demands, enhancing user engagement through superior display quality.


Installation and Learning Curve

Some customers may find installation and mastering new technology challenging, with availability issues potentially affecting online purchases.


Neosys transcends traditional digital signage by offering comprehensive outdoor digital billboard services, complemented by cutting-edge AI tools and NEO Smart Air purifiers. These billboards are available in various sizes and include functionalities like touchscreen interactivity and remote content management, providing versatile and effective communication tools.


Comprehensive Service

Neosys enhances customer support with free trials, complimentary delivery, extensive consultancy, training, and maintenance services, enabling businesses to maximize their digital signage investments.


Business Size and Costs

The effectiveness and affordability of their solutions may vary based on the business size and specific needs.
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Top Digital Signage Companies in Singapore 3

Avitcom Media

With a rich history spanning 15 years, Avitcom Media specializes in top-tier audio-visual equipment for events and business contexts. Their offerings range from projectors and LCDs to advanced audio setups, designed to craft memorable and impactful experiences.


Innovative Solutions

Avitcom stands out with wireless presentation technologies and video wall solutions that meet the evolving demands of modern businesses.


Guidance on Usage

The lack of comprehensive product usage guides on their website may challenge some users.

Uniconnect Systems

Originally an AV integrator, Uniconnect Systems has evolved into a comprehensive IT integrator, delivering bespoke digital signage solutions and customized furniture, all tailored to enhance effective communication through technology.


Tailored Solutions

They offer personalized services including content creation, server/web management, and software solutions, all designed to meet specific client requirements.



The absence of price listings or trial offers might be seen as a transparency issue by prospective clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose digital signage?

When selecting digital signage, consider ease of use, device compatibility, and features like content customization and scheduling. Opt for solutions with intuitive interfaces that cater to your specific operational needs.

Who needs digital signage?

Digital signage serves various sectors effectively, from retail businesses enhancing customer engagement to corporations improving internal communications, and public spaces providing updates and directions. It's a versatile tool for advertising and promotion across diverse settings.

Do I need a media player for digital signage?

Yes, a media player is crucial for managing and transmitting content to your digital displays. A robust media player ensures smooth, consistent performance, enhancing the overall viewer experience.

Exploring Singapore's digital signage landscape offers exciting opportunities for businesses to boost their communication and engagement strategies. With an array of providers offering everything from interactive displays to comprehensive service packages, finding the right solution that meets your needs can significantly enhance how you connect with your audience.

Digital Signage Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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